Crypto Royale

As the World Economic Forum and The Great Reset advocate King Charles III donned a new XRP hat, proving once and for all that Ripple is the banker’s choice, much was happening in the world of cryptocurrency.

Users rushed to bookmark a new crypto website,, as it launched its highly entertaining and informative, if slightly cynical, crypto news summary. Bitcoin transaction fees hit an all-time high due to the new BRC-20 experimental token standard and the continued flurry of new NFTs/inscriptions using the Ordinals protocol.

Joe Biden proposed a 30% tax on all electricity used to mine crypto. While this is far from becoming law, it represents even more pushback against anyone thinking of investing in crypto in the US. Presumably in the spirit of this new DAME tax he will be refunding hardworking Americans for the inflation he has caused through the ironically named Inflation Reduction Act.

Cool new meme coin, PEPE, now sits at a market cap of around $1.1 billion dollars. I love the Pepe meme more than I do cute dogs, but PEPE is on Ethereum, and with transaction fees well into the multi-dollar range I’m going to stick with DOGE for now.

Santiment, the analytics firm, announced it had recorded the biggest Ethereum transaction in two years when $135 million dollars of LDO tokens were transferred between non-custodial wallets.

Bankless, the highly talented and loveable group of crypto influencers that aims to help everybody shake off the shackles of the banking system while simultaneously turning them woke, announced their Bankless Ventures project. I can’t wait to see all the decentralized equality and inclusion they will be funding.

Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, probably trying to make amends for the free speech debacle he oversaw on Twitter, has joined his company TBD with Paxful to develop a peer-to-peer crypto trading platform.

Senator Elizabeth Warren announced reintroducing her crypto bill to “protect the United States”. All that freedom and decentralization must be really dangerous!

A Bank of England (BoE) executive said that the UK CBDC would not be a means to control or track what citizens spend their money on. This is even though UK banks are already censoring some digital payment recipients and questioning customers making cash withdrawals beyond the size of an ATM withdrawal. He went on to insist that citizens would be free to spend their “digital £10 note” as freely as their paper ones and added proof by pointing out that they already “have the levers to manipulate existing payments and choose not to do so”. Gee thanks, Mr. Lovell. The BoE plans to launch the UK CBDC dubbed “Britcoin” using wallets provided by the so-called private sector to interface with the centralized ledger. The UK Chancellor of the Exchequer has already stated that citizens “would not be able to hoard” the CBDC, and the UK regularly closes the banking facilities of non-regime-compliant activists – especially populist political parties.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Covid is no longer a global health emergency, but they are still pushing ahead with plans to centralize control of the “next” pandemic. The new WHO accord text even states they will control responses to anything that affects health; perhaps climate change, or food distribution?

Unsurprisingly, Michael Saylor is still bullish on Bitcoin, although I am not sure how that made the news. Berkshire Hathaway has dumped billions of dollars of US stocks. This is from a company known for investing in value stocks, much less than trading the stock market movements. This could be a sign of an impending dump. I hope so, I don’t have enough BTC yet.

The US Justice Department has announced it is now investigating Binance for breaking Russia sanctions. Gala music nodes are still worthless after the post-launch complete rewriting of the rules.

Vitalik Buterin is preparing to sell 200 ETH by moving it to Kraken, and the Ethereum Foundation prepares to sell 15,000 ETH. Rumour has it they are going all in on PEPE. That was a joke. Same time tomorrow, I hope.