Bullish on crypto, bearish on world – as usual

Bitcoin is going up, no it’s going down, wait it’s going up again.

Judge denies SEC motion to seal Hinman docs. The SEC, a powerful government department tries to hide unambiguous evidence that the leader of the department clearly stated that the entire basis of their legal case against Ripple is fundamentally flawed and it is seen as a victory that it will be allowed to be used in court. A real victory would be throwing out the case and arresting all SEC participants for perjury. Now Ripple can concentrate more on rolling out their CBDC technologies.

Coinbase announced they will run a part of the Chainlink Oracle network to improve smart contract reliability and decentralization. OOOhhh! Unfortunately, they didn’t announce that Coinbase Cloud runs entirely on the Google Cloud Compute network. Ahhh!

Binance suspends Australian dollar inflows and leaves Canada, and GBP payments end on Sunday 18th May. US business is good-as-dead already. Chokepoint is closing in. One solution is to buy a cheap gas coin on Coinbase, perhaps SOL or ADA, send it to Binance, and convert it to stablecoins. Binance still allows DCA on dozens of tokens for as little as 20 cents per trade. Best service out there. Never leave your tokens on an exchange.

Ledger announces their new custody service where nervous self-custodians can share their seed phrase, direct from their Ledger Nano, split between a trio of trusted tech types, and retrieve the seed phrase if needed by using regular KYC. But if the Ledger can share the seed phrase isn’t that a problem? Great idea, should have offered a new device instead of revealing that their Secure Element technology is not as secure as everybody thought. Personally, I am waiting for Secure Multi-Party Computation solutions like Nillion before I even think about trusting anyone(thing) with my seed phrase. Wen token?

OpenAI co-founder Sam Altman (not altcoin) will attend the shadowy Bilderberg meeting that starts today. Fortunately, Microsoft, Google Pfizer, BP, NATO, and the Ukranian Foreign Minister will be there to keep an eye on him for us. WEF leader Schwab will not be in attendance as he needs to stroke his cat.

Statistics show that 2022 was the first year since the invention of the Web by UK national Tim Berners-Lee at CERN, which will be the first year that connectivity in the UK has declined. More than one million cancel their broadband as prices soar and the biggest providers, like BT and EE merge services to control the market. Tim was not immediately available for comment but his spokesperson said, “Brrr Wawawawawa Brrr Bing Bing Bing.”

Tether buying Bitcoin. Hooray! Tether announced they will be spending 15% of all operating profits on bitcoin. This is bullish. A dollar stablecoin partly backed by bitcoin is worth more than a dollar in my book. Although, when Terra started buying bitcoin is when I finally succumbed to the hype and bought Luna.

Harriet Baldwin, a posh Conservative MP said of all crypto, “[it has] no intrinsic value, huge price volatility, and no discernible social good.” And stated that crypto assets should be regulated the same as the gambling industry. Ouch! What happened to Prime Minister Rishi Sunaks’s “Global hub for crypto.” I guess he is just doing what Joe tells him to. F*** you, you unelected, green-card-holding, son-in-law to N. R. Narayana Murthy, head of global nightmare corp Infosys that is currently building the dystopian digital ID system being forced on Indian folk.

ERC-6551 is live on Ethereum. Programmable NFTs. NFTs that can execute smart contracts, act as a wallet, kind of like an Aavegotchi but native. ERC-6551 allows NFTs that can interact with any smart contract allowing an asset that can act on the owner’s behalf as well as be traded, swapped, or given away like a regular NFT. Think about an ERC-6551 NFT which represents a player in a game and holds the player’s money, perhaps ETH, and a whole bunch of regular ERC-721 which are his armor, sword, shield, and a harem of recently rescued damsels in distress. ERC-6551 is a game changer. Expect new dapps by the next bull run. Adoption coming!

The prudent new entry to the world of digital assets, BlackRock, fresh from its big FTX investment losses, was spotted withdrawing 1 trillion PEPE tokens – allegedly.

Oh no, bitcoin is down again. More soon.





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