Bitcoin for Beginners

Welcome to Bitcoin for Beginners. In this book, we will explore together the exciting and ever-changing world of crypto with a focus on Bitcoin.

At the time of writing Bitcoin is 50% of the value of the entire crypto market, it was the first successful crypto, most fascinating, and most decentralized – nobody controls it. If you are anything like me, then Bitcoin will blow your mind. Bitcoin is exciting, awe-inspiring, complicated, and liberating – while simultaneously riddled with financial and legal traps.

Bitcoin allows us to transact without going through a centralized third party or a regulated institution, and maybe even one day fix our broken systems of money by self-custody of transparently issued money instead of the out-of-control supply of government money. I’ll explain why I think government money is broken in chapters 1 and 2.

Crypto, Bitcoin, or blockchain mean slightly different things. Still, they are often used interchangeably in the new, fast-evolving, decentralized, mathematically secured crypto world. But have you ever wondered why crypto, Bitcoin especially, has such enthusiastic support amongst those that understand it and yet is so despised, ridiculed, and attacked by governments, mainstream media, and international organizations?

This book will explore and explain; What Bitcoin is and how it works. Who owns and controls it (hint you can)? What can you do with it? And how to use it and, perhaps most interesting, why they don’t want you to.



  1. Money
  2. Fiat Vs Bitcoin
  3. Cryptography & The Cypherpunks
  4. Using Bitcoin
  5. How Bitcoin Works
  6. Running a Bitcoin Node
  7. Using Centralized Exchanges… As Little as Possible.
  8. Trading on Centralized Exchanges
  9. Withdrawing from Centralized Exchanges
  10. Dollar-cost-averaging Using Bots on Centralized Exchanges
  11. The End… for Now


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