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You have probably realized that we are not living in ordinary times. Global institutions are growing in power and the leaders of the supposedly free world are aligning themselves behind them. Free speech is under attack as western nations legislate to censor their people under the disguise of preventing hate speech or protecting children.

Independent banks are collapsing and being merged with the mega-banks. Central bank digital currencies are being developed, trialled and deployed across the globe and cash is being marginalized and even outlawed in some places.

Gas powered vehicles are being side-lined by government subsidies and new vehicles are being phased out or banned. Corporations are going woke, while our schools and universities are brainwashing children to the extent that a whole generation are growing up believing the climate is going to kill them.

What can we do?

I believe the answer lies in taking power from the governments, corporations, global institutions and their brainwashed worshipers. Not through violence, not through strikes or industrial action, and not even through the ballot box as this is likely impossible in most nations.

So what then? We can take control of the money! The work is already underway and all you have to do is learn about it in order to help.

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Free Crypto Tutorials

These are a selection of tutorials from my two books on Bitcoin and crypto. Give me a little longer and I will publish everything for free. If you want to support my work, please buy my books. If you just love free stuff then the full list of tutorials in order is here: Free Crypto Course for Beginners.

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I have written 2 books that will teach you how to play, earn and own with crypto currencies. One which covers just Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the original cryptocurrency and is the most unstoppable, decentralized, and secure money on the planet. Bitcoin for Beginners can be read for free on this website or can be purchased to support my work. Read more here: Bitcoin for Beginners. The next book Crypto for Beginners is a much bigger book and includes all the Bitcoin content as well as hundreds more pages about how to take full advantage of the crypto revolution. I have also made this book available for free or to purchase. Find out more here: Crypto for Beginners.

Bitcoin for Beginners
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