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You have probably realized that we are not living in ordinary times. Global institutions are growing in power and the leaders of the supposedly free world are aligning themselves behind them. Free speech is under attack as western nations legislate to censor their people under the disguise of preventing hate speech or protecting children.

Independent banks are collapsing and being merged with the mega-banks. Central bank digital currencies are being developed, trialled and deployed across the globe and cash is being marginalized and even outlawed in some places.

Gas powered vehicles are being side-lined by government subsidies and new vehicles are being phased out or banned. Corporations are going woke, while our schools and universities are brainwashing children to the extent that a whole generation are growing up believing the climate is going to kill them.

What can we do?

I believe the answer lies in taking power from the governments, corporations, global institutions and their brainwashed worshipers. Not through violence, not through strikes or industrial action, and not even through the ballot box as this is likely impossible in most nations.

So what then? We can take control of the money! The work is already underway and all you have to do is learn about it in order to help.

Free Crypto Tutorials

These are a selection of tutorials from my two books on Bitcoin and crypto. Give me a little longer and I will publish everything for free. If you want to support my work, please buy my books. If you just love free stuff then the full list of tutorials in order is here: Free Crypto Course for Beginners.


  1. Money
  2. Fiat Vs Bitcoin
  3. Cryptography and the Cypherpunks
  4. Using Bitcoin
  5. How Bitcoin Works
  6. How to Run a Bitcoin Node
  7. Using Centralized Exchanges
  8. Trading on Centralized Exchanges
  9. Withdrawing from Centralized Exchanges
  10. DCA & Bots on Centralized Exchanges
  11. How to Buy Bitcoin on Kucoin with a DCA Bot
  12. How to Buy Bitcoin on Binance with DCA Auto-Invest
  13. Beyond Bitcoin: The Blockchain Trilemma
  14. Beyond Bitcoin: Proof of Stake
  15. Beyond Bitcoin: Smart contracts
  16. Coding a Smart Contract
  17. The Internet of Blockchains
  18. More Crypto Projects
  19. Securing Multiple Wallets
  20. Evaluating Crypto Projects
  21. Introducing Staking
  22. Earning Yield by Staking ADA on Cardano
  23. Staking EGLD on MultiversX
  24. Staking In The Cosmoverse
  25. DeFi: Introducing Lending & Borrowing

Afterword: All the Trouble in the World

Staking in the Cosmoverse

Previously we talked about the Internet of Blockchains, and that Cosmos was designed from the start to enable blockchains to connect to each other. In this chapter we will learn about one more blockchain from the Cosmos ecosystem – Osmosis. Osmosis is a DEX running on its own dedicated blockchain… 

To stake ATOM you must be prepared to lock your funds for 21 days… Slashing… Yes, ADA on Cardano is quite special with its liquid staking in that you earn rewards just for delegating while keeping your funds. You can liquidly stake with ATOM, but this requires a third-party which brings additional risk which we will discuss another time. 

In this chapter we will learn to stake two different tokens for two different blockchains that are both in the Cosmos ecosystem. Just to keep with the theme of two, we will use two different wallet apps. One the highly established wallet app called Keplr where we will stake the ATOM token and one much less established but quite interesting Cosmostation. As usual I write this tutorial not to promote either of the tokens, blockchains or wallet apps but for variety to show you as much of what is available as possible. To be clear, you could stake on any or all Cosmos ecosystem blockchain with either wallet app or, of course, you don’t need to stake anything; you could just follow along with the process for educational purposes. I will use two different exchanges in this chapter, Kucoin for OSMO on the Osmosis chain and Binance for ATOM on the Cosmos chain – or hub – as it is more correctly known. 


Evaluating Crypto Projects

Many people, perhaps most, come to the crypto world hoping to make a profit. While this book will not recommend any investments, we will discuss considerations for investing in price appreciation by learning different ways to research a crypto project.

We will evaluate the potential upward and downward pressure on the price of a token based on tokenomics (the economics of a token), project fundamentals, and market conditions. This will be useful even if you intend to invest in something other than simple price appreciation. For example, if you want to put some dollar stablecoins into a yield farm, you must hold a gas token. In addition, it will be helpful to gather statistics on liquidity, likely appreciation, potential hacks, volatility, and more.

Most of all, I will show you a wide range of tools you can use to build an informed picture and come to your judgment to suit the risks you are prepared to take. If you get the impression at any point in this chapter that I am giving you financial advice, this is unintended. Instead, the contents of this chapter show you how to expose the factors of a crypto project for you to use your own judgment.


The Internet of Blockchains

There is a standard theory that an Internet of Blockchains will eventually emerge. An interconnected, diverse system with dozens, maybe hundreds of different ecosystems with different features, pros, and cons. This chapter introduces some of the projects making this happen and the concept of bridges that link the disparate chains together.

Contents of this tutorial

All the Trouble in the World

Interacting with crypto projects throughout this book might have painted a picture of an unstoppable technology whose time has come. Freedom, prosperity, and decentralization must be just around the corner. I’m confident that if left alone, crypto would go from strength to strength unchallenged by legitimate competitors.

Unfortunately, having too much certainty would be unwise. It seems evident that the organizations we will discuss in this section have plans that don’t involve a free, decentralized, empowering crypto ecosystem. So, I will try to guard against over-optimism and help you recognize and understand, if you don’t know already, where the threats come from, hopefully making us nimble on our crypto journey.

In this afterword, we will find out what The Woke Pivot is and review the connections between the social, political, and financial worlds and how we got where we are.

Contents of this tutorial:

Fiat Vs Bitcoin

In 1984 Nobel prize-winning economist Frederick Hayek said,

“I don’t believe we shall ever have good money again before we take the thing out of the hands of the government.”, “We can’t take it violently; all we can do is by some sly roundabout way introduce something that they can’t stop.”

On 1st November 2008, a Cryptography mail group member, a mysterious figure known only as Satoshi Nakamoto, posted: “I’ve been working on a new electronic cash system that’s fully peer-to-peer, with no trusted third party.” The announcement contained a link to the Bitcoin: A peer-to-peer electronic cash system whitepaper. This was the birth of cryptocurrency, a new digital asset that promised to revolutionize how we transact, invest, and store value. I think it is possible that this then-obscure post marked the beginning of a new era for Hayek’s “good money.”

Here is what we will discuss while learning about fiat currency and comparing it to Bitcoin:

  • More Crypto Projects

    Chapter 18: Previous: The Internet of Blockchains Next: Securing Multiple Wallets What follows is a whirlwind tour through some more crypto projects. As with the previous chapter, I have included them because they are interesting, not because they are likely to be profitable. As with the preceding chapter, I will add more projects in the book’s…

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  • Bullish on crypto, bearish on world – as usual

    Bitcoin is going up, no it’s going down, wait it’s going up again. Judge denies SEC motion to seal Hinman docs. The SEC, a powerful government department tries to hide unambiguous evidence that the leader of the department clearly stated that the entire basis of their legal case against Ripple is fundamentally flawed and it…

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  • Crypto Royale

    As the World Economic Forum and The Great Reset advocate King Charles III donned a new XRP hat, proving once and for all that Ripple is the banker’s choice, much was happening in the world of cryptocurrency. Users rushed to bookmark a new crypto website,, as it launched its highly entertaining and informative, if…

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